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Wellness & Health Coaching Sessions

Transform your mind, body, and spirit during this 90-minute journey to internal peace. 

We begin by preparing the body to accept knowledge and healing, before we learn the Emotional Freedom Technique knows as “tapping.” This “psychological acupressure” is a process of recognizing an emotional trigger, and then responding in a healthy way by recapturing and releasing your negative emotions.

During this peaceful and transformative journey of Emotional Metamorphosis, you will: 

  • Prepare your body for the healing process
  • Isolate a specific emotional barrier you want to address.
  • Discover your emotive mantra that allows you to accept emotional healing.
  • Practice the flow of the EFT tapping sequence to release thought patterns stealing your joy.
  • Receive recommended tapping rhythms for daily and situational transformation.


You will love the journey … but I want to make it even more restorative and relaxing by giving you a fully immersive mind-and-body experience!

And that’s why for a limited time, you ALSO receive a FREE 30-min AromaTouch Therapy. (Value $65)

90 min 145 (For a limited time. Regular 225 )

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Massage Therapies

Cinthya’s Signature Massage is a proven treatment specifically tailored for each client, featuring a combination of techniques and levels of pressure to address areas that need deeper work while relaxing the rest of the body. Stretching is available upon request.
60 min. 110 | 80 min. 145 | 90 min 165

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This dynamic deep tissue massage uses different massage techniques, plus elbows and forearms, to release deep, tight muscles. This massage is ideal for experienced massage clients who suffer from tension.
60 min. 120 | 80 min. 160 | 90 min 180

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A very effective treatment to reach deeper into muscles.
60 min. 110 | 80 min. 145 | 90 min. 165

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A delightful massage designed for mother –to- be after the first trimester. Gentle yet effective, this massage relieves tension in areas under particular stress.

60 min. 110 | 80 min. 145 | 90 min 165

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The Heaven Sent Foot & Reflexology Ritual therapy is a soothing combination of massage and exfoliation, a unique answer to tired feet, and will relieve your feet, revitalize your mind and enlighten your soul.

75 / 30 minutes

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This amazing treatment brings your body back to homeostasis, marrying custom blended essential oils with  light touch and reflexology, thereby allowing  you to  re-gain the comfortable harmony between mind, body, and spirit.
30 min. 65  Add massage | 80 min. 150

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Skincare & Facial Therapies

Whether you need deep-pore cleansing, extra nourishing, deep hydration or custom-tailored maintenance, Cinthya’s Transformational Facial is a purifying and purposeful treatment that will address and correct each and every individual concern utilizing cutting edge technology.
90 min. 145-225

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A wonderful introduction to the facial therapy experience, this facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask and facial massage.
60 min. 105

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A pampering yet effective experience that will address your skin’s needs and soothe your senses with a hot stone neck-and-shoulder massage.
60 min. 115

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A deeply relaxing facial experience specially designed to suit men’s skin care needs. Following the relaxing face, the shoulder and scalp massage will release tight muscles and tension.
60 min. 115

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Designed to treat acne-prone skin, this specialty treatment will help control breakouts and blemishes.
60 min. 115

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Recommended as a follow-up treatment to keep acne “under control.”
30 min. 85

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An express facial; includes gentle cleansing, exfoliation and customized mask.
30 min. 95

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Advanced Therapies

Classic European facial including resurfacing and hair removal treatment using a blading technique.
30 min. 95 | With Facial 135

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Gentle epidermal abrasion that treats sun-damaged skin, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, superficial scars, uneven granular skin, blackheads and comedones. A holistic version for microdermabrasion.
30 min. 70 | With Facial 125

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This cutting edge micro-current technology lifts, tightens, rejuvenate skin: reduces fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pore size, improves appearance of stretch marks, scars and acne scaring.
60 min | 135

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This treatment uses a mechanical tool with tiny needles to make microscopic puncture wounds that allow professional-grade products to penetrate deep into the dermis and stimulate collagen production and the growth of new skin cells.

70 min 145 | Series of 3 $400 | Series of 6 $550

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Oxygen molecules are combined with peptides and injected into the skin to oxygenate and revitalize stressed skin.
60 min | 150

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Exfoliate skin to remove dead cells. Brightens skin and removes sun spots.

60-80 min | 135-195

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Add on or stand-alone services

Enhance any facial or massage with the warmth and healing properties of this essential oil treatment. It’s excellent to rejuvenate your skin and also very soothing for achy joints due to arthritis.  | $25 (includes exfoliation and massage)

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Bikini Full (women only)  |  $55

Bikini Line (women only)  | $45

Brazilian (women only)  | Price varies

Chest  | $45

Chin  | $20

Ear  | $18

Eyebrow Design and Wax  | $22

Full Arm  | $85

Full Back  | $75

Full Bikini  | $55

Full Face  | $85

Full Leg  | $95

Hairline  | $20

Half Arm  | $45

Half Leg  | $50

Lip  | $15

Lower Back  | $30

Lower Lip  | $15

Nose  | $20

Shoulders  | $25

Sideburns  | $15

Stomach Full  | $50

Stomach Strip  | $10

Underarms | $25

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Let us elevate your natural beauty with our exceptional eyebrow and eyelash treatments, including shaping, tinting, design and wax, and eyebrow lamination. Our expert technicians will work with you to create the perfect look for your eyebrows, giving you the defined and polished appearance you desire. 

Eyebrow Lamination  |  $90

Eyebrow Design and Wax  |  $22

Eyebrow Tinting  | $25

Lash Lift  | $85

Lash Lift and Tinting  | $110

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Spa packages

Why choose? The package is the perfect marriage of indulgence.

  • Relaxation Massage
  • European Facial


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You’re going to want this one! Luxurious package includes:

  • Foot ritual
  • Aromatherapy
  • Signature massage
  • Petite facial


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Just what you need to relax from your week. Relax with a target Massage and a petite facial 


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